Andrew Gow Profile

Nuffield Scholars Sean Cummins, Andrew Gow and Michael McCarthy at the Nuffield Ireland Spring Conference in Kilkenny. Picture: Alf Harvey.

Andrew Gow, from  Glenstal, Co. Limerick, in the heart of Munster Rugby, has been awarded the Golden Jubilee Trust, 2012 Nuffield scholarship.

He will study “How coops can grow and work together”.

As part of his study he will examine the relationship between coop shareholders/farmers, their committees and director boards and also by extension to government and public. He will investigate how internationally successful coops have educated their members, from committee to boards, to realise the potential of fully integrating their joint businesses under one common goal. He wants to establish the best way for information to be transferred from board decisions, down the chain to farmer producers, and the implications of good and poor methods of transfer.

Andrew is married to Sharon, and they have 3 young children. They operate a low cost grass based seasonal dairy farm. The farm currently milks 120 Friesian and Fr/Jersey cross cows with an EBI of 131 (in top 5% in Ireland), rearing all dairy replacement and sells stock bulls ( some of which are sold to AI stations). The farm is 80 hectare in size, is in two 2 blocks, and 80% of it is leased.

Andrew plans to travel to New Zealand, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, UK and Chile, to study coops as a model to integrate dairy coops in Ireland.