Sean Cummins Profile

 Sean Cummins,

Sean Cummins, from Co Kilkenny, has been awarded the FBD Trust Nuffield scholarship for 2012.

Sean will study “Knowledge transfer and the adoption of new technologies at farm level”. Specifically, he will be focusing on the use of social media, on-line video based tutorials, and mobile technologies as platforms for disseminating information to farmers.

Sean is convinced that there is a huge need to develop more effective platforms to up-skill farmers and unlock human potential to grow productivity, profitability and sustainability within our agricultural industry.

He plans to travel to Australia and New Zealand, to study key mechanisms/platforms that best aid farmers to up-skill and manage larger herds, and/or changed farming enterprise, and adopted new technologies to ensure farm profitability.

Having completed a PhD in dairy cow fertility in Teagasc, Moorepark, he returned to his first love, dairy farming. With his father they are in their second year of a Milk Production Partnership. They operate a mixed beef (100 cattle) and dairy (70 cows) enterprise on a 67 ha farm. With the abolition of EU milk quotas in 2015, he plans to expand his dairy enterprise to 200 cows while at the same time helping Kilkenny to win more All-Ireland hurling Championships.