Our Governance Structure

Nuffield Ireland is governed by a Board of Directors, and they can delegate some activities to sub committees.

John Tyrrell: Executive Secretary, Nuffield Ireland

John Tyrrell
Email: exec@nuffield.ie
Twitter: @NuffieldIreland

John Tyrrell is Executive Secretary of Nuffield Ireland Farming Scholars, and took up this position in January 2013. John is from a farming background in County Dublin. He graduated with an Honours Degree in Agriculture from University College Dublin. He then worked with ADAS, in the UK for three years as a Specialist Dairy Adviser. In 1978, he took up a role in the Irish Co-operative Organisation Society (ICOS), and became CEO of ICOS in January 1990 and continued in that capacity until late 2010. John played an important role in developing the close link between ICOS and Nuffield, and had been part of the candidate selection panel for many years. John operates a consultancy business focused on the food industry, co-operatives, governance and strategy. He has extensive experience of international dairy co-ops. He is also is Executive Secretary of the Dairy Research Trust which is responsible for the collection and allocation of the dairy levy to dairy production and food research programmes, and is part of the European network of dairy levy organisations.


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Mary Delaney

Communications and Events
Mary Delaney Nuffield Scholar

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Joe Leonard

Chair of the Scholar Management Sub-committee

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Roberta McDonald

Recruitment Director

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Brian Rushe

Founding Sponsors Director

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Mike Brady

Other Scholarship Sponsors
Mike Brady

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