Alo Mohan

Alo Mohan, married to Yvonne with three sons, is from Redhills in Co Cavan was awarded the FBD Trust Nuffield Scholarship for 2013. Alo’s study topic was “Thinking Different – Encouraging the Transfer of Knowledge in the Poultry Sector”. Alo’s farm consists of a 140,000 broiler poultry unit, raising 7.5 crops/year; a beef farm with some sheep. At present he does over a million chickens a year on one unit. On that unit he is studying the effects of removing CO2 from housing through indirect heating. Alo’s aim is to have greater farmer involvement in research and policy decisions which he believes is an untapped resource. He hopes to gain knowledge and ideas from other countries so as to implement affordable research and development in smaller countries like Ireland which do not have research in poultry or other small sectors. This leaves farmers and different departments within government very isolated when directives are enforced from Europe. Alo is currently receiving funding from the European Union for the purchase of equipment for research. He hopes to visit the Netherlands, the United States and Canada in the pursuit of knowledge associated with his topic. He was Chairman of the IFA Poultry Committee in Ireland.

Thinking Different - Encouraging the Transfer of Knowledge in the Poultry Sector