Brian McCarthy

Brian McCarthy_2021_Nuffield_Scholar

Brian McCarthy is a 2021 Nuffield Scholar. His topic is “Regenerative Agriculture Practices in an Urban Environment Which Reconnects People With The Source Of Their Food”.

He feels that by having a tangible link for consumers in an urban setting which they can witness first-hand and engage in, that people can make more informed and educated decisions regarding the food they eat. That trust can be built between urban consumers and rural producers. He believes that the daunting future facing the agricultural industry needs the will and support of consumers to drive the decisions made in farms all around the world. These decisions include choosing to adopt agricultural practices which regenerate and promote truly healthy soil and buoyant eco-systems full of diversity.

Brian grew up in Bishopstown in the suburbs of Cork City and has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from UCC. Managing Director of Central Floral Supplies for the past 12 years, Brian’s background is mainly in Floriculture and the wholesale supply of fresh flowers and plants to the floristry market in Ireland.

In March of 2020, Brian was forced to close his wholesale flower business due to the COVID-19 lockdown and he engaged in a rooftop farming project in the heart of Cork City, namely Cork Rooftop Farm. Through considerable social and main-stream media attention, a viable business emerged from the lockdown with a focus to connect urban consumers with their produce using regenerative and sustainable techniques.

He plans to travel to Northern and Central America, Australia, Singapore and Europe as part of his Nuffield Scholarship.

A Framework for Urban Agriculture