Brian Rushe

Brian Rushe is married to Rebecca and they have two children.  Brian is  dairy farming in County Kildare.

Brian’s study topic was: “Speaking up for Agriculture – Protecting Farming’s Social License’. Brian has become increasingly aware and concerned in the widening gap between the Irish general public and those involved in the agricultural industry. Agriculture is Ireland’s largest indigenous industry and it contributes hugely to the economic and social well-being of the Irish state.

Brian feels that we are not effectively communicating this message to the general public, he feels that farmers and those involved in the sector are its best spokespeople. We need to work harder to develop an understanding of our industry across all areas of society. By doing so, Brian believes that Irish Agriculture will be in a stronger position to push through its Harvest 2020 targets and manage any controversies or opponents that might arise in the future.

Brian is Deputy President of IFA (Irish Farmers’ Association), taking up the role in January 2020. Previously, he was Chairman of Kildare / West Wicklow IFA . He is a Board member of Nuffield Ireland, being the nominee of the Founding Sponsors.


Speaking up for Agriculture - Protecting Farming's Social License