Bruce grew up on a mixed sheep, dairy and beef farm in Co. Laois. Now married to Laura they live on the side of the Slieve Blooms with their two young children Cooper and Keelin.

After qualifying with a Diploma in Automobile Engineering in 2003, he went on to complete a Teagasc Farm Management Course to return home to farm. Together with his father, Ian, Bruce has concentrated their farm solely on dairying, operating an expanding grass based Spring calving herd. Off farm, Bruce is the secretary of a farmer purchasing group, a member of a Teagasc discussion group and is the Chairperson of his area Glanbia Advisory Committee.

Bruce is an advocate of the Irish grass based production system. He maintains that animal health is at the core of successful animal farming and one aspect that he is measuring is parasite burdens. His topic “Anthelmintic resistance control measures incorporating pastoral management and dung beetles to increase biodiversity?” encapsulates increasing concerns amongst farmers, veterinarians, industry and ecologists. He promotes measured science which he intends to approach his topic with.

Bruce will travel to Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand where state funded programmes and start up companies of beetle introduction are used to battle flies, parasites and clean pastures. He also intends to travel to the UK to visit entomologists.