Eddie Kehoe

Eddie Kehoe, from Wexford, received the 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by Meat Industry Ireland. Eddie studied “Maximising the utilisation of grazed grass in beef production to meet future market demands”. Currently Eddie is managing his 52 hectare family farm in Monamolin, producing prime lambs from a spring lambing flock and beef cattle from a 90 cow suckler herd. Recognising the critical importance of the quality and quantity of grass in beef and sheep farming, with the aim of maximising output at minimum cost has led Eddie to his Nuffield research topic. He will use his scholarship to investigate how farmers in other parts of the world manage and optimise the production and utilisation of grass, a key input in livestock farming. He will also investigate the change in future market demands in order to ensure Irish farmers are producing the required stock to meet these demands. “Grass is a key input in beef farming and so achieving the optimum quantity and quality is crucial in order to maintain profit margins. As a result he will investigate grassland management in countries such as New Zealand and future beef market demands in the UK”.

Maximise Utilisation of Grazed Grass in Beef Production to meet Market Demands of the Future