Peter Farrell

Peter Farrell, from Kilmessan, Co. Meath, has been awarded the Golden Jubilee Trust, 2016 Nuffield scholarship.

Peter graduated as a Structural Engineer in 2008 but returned home to farm in partnership with his father in May 2009. They have since converted the 100 cow liquid herd into a 170 cow grass based Spring milk system. Having now maximised their current milk platform, Peter is keen in investigate how he can profitably expand his dairy business. He will study “Living in a Volatile World: Strategies to Managing Dairy Volatility”. As part of his study he will examine what forms of expansion are best suited to Irish conditions. He will analyse what level of scale and capital is required for such expansion and the financial returns possible.

He investigated how internationally successful co-ops have facilitated and financially supported their members in expanding milk production and in return, their own milk pool and examined how co-ops can best facilitate expansion and collaboration among its members for the betterment of the co-op and its members.


Risky Business - Managing Dairy Volatility