Report Name

Cowsignals and people signals


Wicklow, Ireland



Tommy Heffernan is a veterinary consultant based in Co. Wicklow. Married to Julie, they have four young children, Holly, Jacob, Isabelle and Juliet. He is originally from Co Kerry. After qualifying in 2002 from UCD, he located to Wick- low where he worked for 15 years in a large mixed veterinary practice. Over the last 5 years his main focus has been on farm animal medicine and performance. Completing a grad cert in dairy herd health and becoming a master cowsignals trainer during these years. Understanding the needs of the cows (cowsignals) we farm, and incorporating those needs into the management systems we use. Secondly, understanding the motivation and needs of the people (people signals) who farm these animals. People are the number one driver in animal performance. On his study topic, he wants to define these signals better, so we can focus in on some of the real signals of success in order to have more of an impact on dairy farm performance.