Karen Brosnan Profile

Karen Brosnan ProfileKaren Brosnan, originally from a farming family in Kerry, in the South of Ireland, received the 2013 Nuffield Scholarship supported by the Irish Farmer’s Journal and the Irish Farmers Association. Karen will study “Leadership Development Pathways for Irish Agriculture”.

Karen is a business consultant with agri discussion groups, the Department of Agriculture, and other organisations within the sector on change and people management skills. Her background in Human Resource Management and Business Administration have influenced her direction and approach.

The future of Irish agriculture is facing tremendous challenges and opportunities. On one hand, many of the opportunities are highlighted positively in the Food Harvest 2020 report, with the potential for expansion, especially in dairying, appearing obvious. On the other hand, the supports needed to respond to and embrace change are being cut, with further cuts to the sector, inevitable.

She sees a role for a panel of facilitators and mentors to engage with discussion groups, collaborative farm groups and potential partnership farmers to support them on industry leadership. She would like to be part of this ‘growing people’ process.


See the video of Karen Brosnan’s presentation of her report to the Nuffield Conference, October 2014