Karol has spent the last 2 years travelling to the Netherlands, Singapore, Japan, the Philippines, Israel, the UK, Belgium, USA, Canada, Kenya, Italy and Australia investigating how agriculture is being presented to primary school children. During his travels he saw a wide spectrum of different methods of doing this, from farm visits which are incorporated into the primary curriculum to the use of modern technologies which are revolutionising school children’s interactions with agriculture in the classroom. During his travels and from piloting Facetime a Farmer in Ireland, Karol has seen a huge appetite in children to understand how agriculture works, its interactions with the natural environment and how it can produce in a climate responsible manner.

Karol observes that “farmers are trying to produce food, to feed other people, while trying to make a living to support their families. The vast majority are trying to do this in a manner that looks after the environment, because farmers know it’s the natural environment that gives them the raw materials to do what they do.  So why then does it appear that farmers face a constant barrage of negativity, especially on social media.”

The objective of Karol’s Nuffield Scholarship is to see can this growing negativity be reversed in an environment where there is an ever-growing gap between those who grow food and the consumers of that food.

He recommends leveraging the opportunity presented of using agriculture in the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in schools. He says there needs to be a resource in place whereby agricultural examples are easily accessible for teachers and fully aligned with the curriculum. This needs to incorporate all agriculture in Ireland through one point.

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Karol will be presenting the findings of his research at the 2019 Nuffield Ireland Conference in the Castleknock Hotel on November 15th.  Book tickets here.