News stories which deliberately mislead in their content or context are often widely shared on social media. The food system is not immune from this and can be the subject of negative, unfounded or inaccurate stories and opinions which reach a wide audience. The Irish food and agriculture industry is highly regulated, and abhors unethical behaviour. There are, however lobby groups on the environment, health and welfare which have their views on the current food production system and what we should eat or not eat.

The perception of agriculture is very important and we pride ourselves on our production standards, however we need to take account of what ‘Fake News is and what is not in fact ‘Fact News’ but is in fact reality and the implications of this for agriculture.

There has been much discussion on this issue recently on TV, radio and in print and many of these debates have been very emotive.  We were fortunate to have an excellent panel of speakers at this event which was covered in the Irish Farmers Journal here.

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