Virtual Global Focus Programme GFP hosted by Nuffield Ireland 14th - 18th June 2021

Nuffield Scholars attended a virtual Global Focus Programme (GFP) hosted by Nuffield Ireland.  Irish Scholars showcased ‘Mediating the Future; transforming food systems’ 14th – 18th June 2021.

The Irish GFP focused on the key pillars of Irish agri-food and climate strategies: quality food production, economic, social and environmental sustainability, innovation, competition and technology, and developments in biodiversity initiatives.

Watch the GFP 2021 highlights:

The virtual GFP showcased:

Monday 14 June: Welcome to Irish Agri-food – Setting the scene
Leading experts in the Irish Agri-food industry will give their views on climate, competitive advantage, quality food production and challenges and opportunities for the sector.

Host: Karina Pierce (2019 Nuffield Scholar)


Tuesday 15 June: Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability
What does “Sustainability” mean and how does it affect Irish farming and the Irish Agri-food sector?

Host: Mary Delaney (2014 Nuffield Scholar)


Wednesday 16 June: Innovation, Competition and Technology;
Scholars showcase new innovations, competition and technologies in their industries.

Hosts: Ailish Moriarity and Ciara O’ Halloran (2019 Nuffield Scholars)


Thursday 17 June: Biodiversity – our relationship with nature
This session looks at the benefits of protecting and encouraging more biodiversity on our farms and the wider environment.

Host: Robbie Byrne (2020 Nuffield Scholar)


Friday 18 June: Re-imaging Agriculture 2050
Interactive workshop: How do Nuffield scholars meet the challenge of transforming the food system?

Host:  Geoff Dooley (2003 scholar)

Watch excerpts from the programme on Nuffield Ireland YouTube Channel

Download full GFP Programme here

The Irish virtual GFP was attended by Nuffield Scholars from around the world.

About GFP
The Global Focus Programme (GFP) provides scholars from a variety of backgrounds to virtually travel to different countries and experience a broad range of agricultural systems, in very different political and social environments.

The GFP aims to develop Scholars understanding of global agriculture, broaden their horizons and gives them the opportunity to meet with progressive businesses, organisations and governments from across the world.